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Library - 1997

December 2, 1997

Soap Opera Digest: Soaps' Hottest Newcomers (Article)

November 25, 1997

Soap Opera Update: Premiere (Captioned Picture)

October 14, 1997

Soap Opera Digest: Parental Guidance (Captioned Picture)

October 14, 1997

Hollywood Festival: Hollywood Film Discovery Awards? Finalists (Offsite Link)

September 30, 1997

Soap Opera Digest: The Doctor Is In...Cahoots (Article)

September 30, 1997

Soap Opera Update: How Linden Ashby Became a MELROSE PLACE Regular (Article)

September 30, 1997

Soap Opera Update (Captioned Picture)

September 30, 1997

Soap Opera Update: Scene Around Town (Captioned Picture)

September 29, 1997

Nelson's World (Chat)

September 23, 1997

Soap Dish: Up Front (Captioned Picture)

September 16, 1997

Soap Opera News: Flying the Coop (Article)

September 13, 1997

TotalTV: Nerve Ending (Article)

August 26, 1997

Soap Opera Digest: Meet the New Neighbors (Captioned Picture)

August 21, 1997

LA Daily News (Captioned Picture)

August 19, 1997

Soap Opera Weekly (Captioned Picture)

July 27, 1997 Bolles School grad hangs 10 to land 'Melrose Place' role (Offsite Link)

March 7, 1997

Entertainment Weekly: The Week - Television (Article)

January 18, 1997

TVGuide: Winter Preview (Article)