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Date: 09/13/1997
Publication: TotalTV
Type: Article
Title: Nerve Ending

Nerve Ending

If Melrose Place's Linden Ashby (Dr. Brett "Coop" Cooper) hasn't found fame from other acting projects, it's not for a lack of trying. "I've knocked on [success's] front door for so long," Ashby, 37, states, "and if that door doesn't open, you go knock on the back door. If that's not open, you got to a window. You know what? If I gotta come in the third-story bathroom window, I'm gettin' in!" Despite roles in the big screen's Mortal Kombat and ABC's short-lived Spy Game, Ashby's Melrosian good looks and charm hint that his role on the Aaron Spelling drama -- as a mysterious link to the late Kimberly -- just may start opening up those doors and windows. So, does the prospect of impeding superstardom make the actor nervous? "No," he replies confidently. "I don't get nervous. I had my nerves surgically removed a long time ago."