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Added a very disturbing Melrose Place promo. It's creepy, go check it out. Also, Bob sent over 28 photos from the Resident Evil Premiere!



Added 63 VidCaps from Tick Tock, a couple of captioned pictures from the 80s, some news regarding Mr. Ashby's new movie Breaking Point and some tidbits on Resident Evil.

And remember folks, Resident Evil: Extinction opens tomorrow, Friday the 21st - so go see it! Starz is airing a 15 minute "On the Set" segment on the movie on Sunday afternoon. Bob tells me that he shows up on it indirectly, so you might want o catch it.

We also nailed the spam in the forum, finally. Wow, they're persistent.



Added a promo photo from Resident Evil: Extinction (along with news), the photo from the Art Class from back in May.



Updated with some news I'd been meaning to get up (like Mr. Ashby possibly not being in Rambo IV and Resident Evil's release date). I'd also like to apologize for the amount of spam in the forum. I've cleaned up as much as possible and have increased difficulty for the spammers to sign up so that should cut back on it. Also, apologies on the popups on the homepage. One of the free counters (Netstat) was causing it. I've removed it from the site.



Added an article about Plot 7 to the Library, an article about Y&R (from this year) and it's photos to the gallery and made some minor updates on the Filmography which included added the airdate for Mr. Ashby's second appearance on "Eyes" and his spot in "History on a Iron Horse".



Added a bunch of photos from the 80's along with a few articles. Also, it looks like Mr. Ashby's moved! Check out the Bio for more information!


Did a general update on the site. For those of you who checked in yesterday, you probably noticed that the Gallery and TV Schedule were dead in the water. They're both back up and running now. TV Schedule will now be updated every Wednesday. Replaced the polls and Q&A section with a brand new forum. Feel free to get in there and discuss (and you can create your own polls!). Bob has sent me updates since the last one and they'll be up tomorrow night.