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Added some new pictures to the gallery.


Added a few articles and their associated pictures and updated the TV Schedule.



Sorry about going MIA these last few months, some personal stuff cropped up again. Then the server went down. But it's back up now and we've updated with a flood of articles (and associated pictures) and also brought the TV Schedule up to date. Also, in the 11/09/2004 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Mr. Ashby was nominated as "Favorite Villain"! So go out, buy yourself a copy and vote!



Added a few articles and their pictures.


Added quite a few articles and their photos and updated the TV Schedule.



Added a new interview from the Soaps section of TV Guide, and yet another article about the Cameron/Sharon storyline in CBS' Soaps In Depth.


Added three more articles to the gallery and a few photos. Shrink Rap will be released on DVD and VHS in August of this year.


Added another article to the library regarding Cameron's reappearance on Y&R and updated the TV Schedule.

Also, give a warm welcome to Insatiable - The Official Linden Ashby Fanlisting and while you're at it, join the fandom!



Added four pictures from the Soap Opera Digest Awards (2003), four promotional pictures from The War Next Door to the gallery and some interesting articles to the library - including a video of Mr. Ashby speaking at a viewing of Shrink Rap.


Updated the Mortal Kombat VidCaps with better quality versions. Also added three VidCaps from The Young & the Restless and another captioned picture from Y&R.


Added two articles concerning Cameron's return to Y&R tomorrow.


Added four Mortal Kombat pictures to the gallery.



Added a new (and mildly entertaining) article from Soap Opera Digest that compares the Sharon/Cameron storyline to Weekend at Bernie's. A few new photos, including a candid likely from Sniper 2 and some better quality updates on some old photos.


Added a new resume photo to the gallery, an article to the library, updated the TV Schedule and closed the poll about Young and the Restless.



Uploaded a new photo out of Soap Opera Update.


Added a few more pictures, another article, and brought the TV Schedule back (although not as nice as promised).


Two articles and some more pictures added. Also, the Unofficial MK3 site reports that MK3 looks like it'll film later this year and come out in 2005!



Just spotted a recent tidbit about Mr. Ashby's next appearance on Y&R and added it to the news section.


Added a Mortal Kombat promo, a couple more pics from the Daytime Emmy Awards (one from 2003 and the other from 2002). Also, check out Video Detective to see previews of some of Mr. Ashby's movies!


Added a blurb about a fan meeting Mr. Ashby by chance at the Jacksonville Film Festival in the Articles, and added a candid photo to the gallery. And for heavens sake people, you've been bugging me for months to put up polls, so VOTE ALREADY. If you have any suggestions for a poll, drop me a line!



Added a couple more articles (really just rehashes the same old Y&R Sharon/Cameron storyline. Also added a new section called "Polls", so click it to the left and vote today! If you have an idea for a poll, feel free to drop me a line!


A few more pictures added to the gallery, a couple more articles to the library, and Lifetime is showing "Tick Tock" under the title of "A Friendship to Die For" on Jan 26th at 9PM (check local listing for the time in your area).


One article and accompanying photo uploaded, along with an update to the filmography and a few new items regarding release dates on A Woman Hunted and Wild Things 2.


Added a bunch more photos, updated the biography to reflect some information in recent articles, and added about thirteen articles, but don't quote me on that. It's been a long update. Also, made a minor change to the gallery - it'll now show the most recent pictures on the first page - big thanks to one of the fanclub members for dope-slapping me on this a while back.