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Took down the chat room due to lack of interest, added a TV Schedule section, and click here to learn more about Murder She Purred (this link will only be available until the movie airs).



We just found out that Murder She Purred will air on the Wonderful World of Disney (ABC) on Dec 13th. Added the Chris Conrad Conspiracy to the Coop Conspiracy section, but other than that, no updates.


Added the News section containing information and updates on Mr. Ashby's current/past projects.


Ripped down the Halloween Graphics, re-designed the Articles and Review sections, and added an Article that I thought I had already added.



I've gotten my grubby little hands on those shirtless pics and have thus created a whole new section to the pictures: Shirtless Pics! Added an article from the Nov. 3, 1998 Soap Opera Digest (Courtesy of Stan Young) to the Articles section. Added a yet another old review of Mortal Kombat. Added a Tidbits section for those of you who actually care what his plane might look like, among other things. Later in the week, I'll be adding a bunch of my own reviews on several of his movies.


I've finally gotten around to doing Halloween graphics. Don't worry folks, they'll only be here until the end of the month. Also, On October 25, 1998 on CBS @ 9 PM, Mr. Ashby will be in "Beauty."


Woohoo! I've added a chat room to the "Other Goodies" section, and I'm still working on those shirtless pics.



Okay, I'm back! I've added a picture of Mr. Ashby's family to the Biography Section, a couple more reviews for Mortal Kombat and Cadillac Ranch and hopefully I'll be able to get some pics from the owner of "The Shirtless Male Celebrities" site for next week.


Due to my lack of sight, I'm forcing a co-worker to add an Awards section and add the one I just won. :-D Please excuse any formatting errors.


I had to take a ferret to the vet today, so not much was added. Some kind person was nice enough to inform me that there were a few broken links in the Pictures section, so I fixed them. I also added a few more articles, even though they're not new.


New version of site put online. Including new sections: Coop Conspiracy, Bulletin Boards, Chats, Articles. This will be THE LAST TIME we move the site. Unless it's to a domain name.