August 25, 2001
Trust in Me
News Break

An article dated 9/3/99 on mentions a film called "Trust In Me" with Christopher Walken and Linden Ashby. That was, obviously, two years ago and we haven't heard anything on this project until recently StoryMania (a site for aspiring writers) allows members to post screenplays, etc. There was a screenplay up there not too long ago called "The Lazarus Plot" by Daniel Gonzales. This was found among the comments on this screenplay:

"Hello, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum or not, but we would like to have Daniel Gonzales contact us quickly; we are interested in a reworking of The Lazarus Plot into an independent feature film. We are now in preproduction on "Trust In Me", starring Linden Ashby and Christopher Walken, and wish to have a followup in place. Please contact us via email at your earliest convenience. DreamSound Pictures" -- Mike Anderson, Jacksonville, FL.

"DreamSound Pictures, 101 Century 21 Dr., Ste 218., Jacksonville, FL 32216 / or" -- Mike Anderson.