July 20, 1998
Murder She Purred:
A Mrs. Murphy Mystery
Press Release

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Monday July 20, 1:20 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

Ricki Lake Goes on the Hunt for Clues in "Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery" for "The Wonderful World of Disney" -- Linden Ashby, Edie McClurg, Christina Pickles and Ed Begley Jr. Also Star

BURBANK, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--July 20, 1998-- Production has begun in Toronto on the Walt Disney Television movie "Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery,'' starring Ricki Lake ("The Ricki Lake Show,'' "Mrs. Winterbourne''), Linden Ashby ("Melrose Place,'' "Mortal Kombat''), Edie McClurg ("The Hogan Family''), Christina Pickles ("The Wedding Singer,'' "St. Elsewhere'') and Ed Begley Jr. ("St. Elsewhere,'' "Parenthood''). The whimsical mystery, based on a novel by Rita Mae Brown, will air during the 1998-99 television season on ABC as part of "The Wonderful World of Disney.''

Lake stars as Mary Minor Haristeen, the mystery-solving postmistress of a small Virginia town, known as Harry to her friends. As fans of Brown's humorous "Mrs. Murphy'' novels know, Harry is also the owner of two remarkable pets, a cat named Mrs. Murphy and a Welsh Corgi named Tucker, whose detective skills are every bit as keen as her own.

"When I was growing up, I always watched 'The Wonderful World of Disney' on Sunday nights,'' Lake said. "I'm delighted to become part of that tradition, knowing that some day my children will be watching this movie.''

In the movie, Harry's friends are eager to pair her off with her handsome new next-door neighbor, Blair Bainbrige (Ashby), but Harry finds him mysteriously secretive, almost furtive. When a prominent townsman who had business dealings with Blair dies in a suspicious accident, Harry believes a murder has been committed and ignores Blair's warnings not to pry into the matter.

Mrs. Murphy, who thinks it is a bad idea for Harry to be dating the prime suspect, enlists Tucker in some snooping of their own, hoping to lead their mistress to clues that can help her solve the mystery before the killer puts a sudden end to her investigation.

Meanwhile, bizarre events, wild rumors and shocking revelations turn the town of Crozet upside down as its colorful leading citizens prepare for the social event of the season, the annual fox hunt, for which Crozet's self-appointed social leader, Mim Sanburne (Pickles), is throwing a gala party. Among Mim's guests are Fitz-Gilbert Hamilton (Begley), her witty, aristocratic son-in-law, who would like to see his wife free herself from her mother's short leash; and Miranda Hoggendobber (McClurg), the town's good-hearted busybody, who offers her delicious baked goods and unsolicited advice to one and all.

Jim Cox ("The Rescuers Down Under'') and Ann Lewis Hamilton ("C-16: FBI'') wrote the teleplay, based on Rita Mae Brown's novel "Rest in Pieces.'' Simon Wincer ("Lonesome Dove,'' "Free Willy'') is directing. Amy Adelson and Brandon Stoddard are the executive producers and Kevin Inch is producer. "Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery'' is produced by Murphy Mystery Productions Ltd. in association with Ancient Mariner Films and Walt Disney Television for "The Wonderful World of Disney.''