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Date: 01/09/1998
Type: Chat
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

This event was broadcast LIVE with Real Audio! Unfortunately, the Real Audio version that went with this transcript has been lost forever :(

HLHost says "Hello from HOLLYWOOD! It's Rebecca here coming to you live from BoxTop Studios where all the hip kids come together & share their most intimate secrets. Welcome back to HOLLYWOOD LIVE on the REAL HOLLYWOOD NETWORK. Joining me in the studio tonight are my screener Lil' miss Glenda and my producers Mike and Don. While our fabulous typist Anna Banana is working from home."

HLHost says "Well, Roseanne is at it again with divorce #3. Rumor is her 30 year old husband came home wasted on New Year's Eve and started smashing things up. So she filed for divorce and wants custody of their 2-year-old child."

HLHost says "Michael Ovitz and David Geffen have done the impossible: made peace with each other. The two have been feuding for more than a decade, but had dinner together with Barry Diller in Los Angeles on Monday night. It's about time, guys!"

HLHost says "All right, if you're a newbie tonight...welcome to the show. If you'd like to ask a question, there is a question mark icon on the menu bar you can click on, or just type /ask space and then type in your question. We'd like to give a warm shout out to all of you Excite users joining us tonight If you're using Excite's VP chat, ask a question by clicking on the "something to say?" button on the lower right comer of the stage."

HLHost says "I am really excited about the show. We have a special guest joining us in the studio tonight, the new heartthrob on "Melrose Place", Linden Ashby- Linden also co-starred in NBC's upcoming world premiere movie "The Lake" with Yasmine Bleeth and Marion Ross. Let's all welcome Linden to the show!"

HLHost says "Hi Linden!"

LindenAshby says "Hi how are you?"

HLHost says "We've got a bunch of questions!"

Mingo Jones asks "Hey Linden!!!! So what's it like working on MP?"

LindenAshby says "It's great I mean, it's different format than I'm used to over the past few years that I've been working. I started out in soaps, and I'm back in night time soaps"

HLHost says "What was your first acting job?"

LindenAshby says "My first acting job? I think it was an HBO commercial."

HLHost says "Did you love it?"

LindenAshby says "Yeah. I did. And then I did a lot of theater. And I love that. And then I went to tv, and then to movies."

PeterBill asks "Did you have to talk to doctors to learn about playing a doctor on Melrose Place?"

LindenAshby says "Not so much on Melrose Place. I think if you were on ER or a more technically oriented show, you would. I have had dialogue in MP where I was in the Emergency Room, and I did talk to a doctor. It's like a foreign language - what the doctors say. It's learning what you talk about. Like when you talk about a lactate ringer."

HLHost says "What's that???"

LindenAshby says "It's for an IV drip."

filmgoddess asks "Does 'Melrose Place' often have open auditions for actors? is Amanda gonna finally die or what??"

LindenAshby says "I don't know if MP has a lot of open auditions or not. I imagine they have as much as anyone else. And no-she's not going to finally die. Well, maybe I should say MAYBE. I didn't audition for this role. I got offered, which is the best way to get a job."

HLHost says "A dream!"

LindenAshby says "No kidding. I was surfing with a friend in Costa Rica. I called back home to see if everything was okay. Susan, my wife, said I got an offer from MP to do some episodes. I was like, "What??? Oh...okay." I said, "The connection is bad... I'll deal with it when I get back." It was a great negotiation tactic because the MP people would say, "Will he do it?" My agents would say, "I dont know-he's in Costa Rica." This went back and forth. By the time I got back, the money got better. The role I was offered for a different part. When I agreed to do it, they said great. I never played the original part. I went for the series regular."

HLHost says "Wonderful!"

LindenAshby says "Lucky! I thank God everyday before I go to work."

HLHost says "I bet. But I'm sure you deserved it."

LindenAshby says "Deserve doesnt have anything to do with it. In a world where people deserve a million things, deserve has nothing to do with it"

HLHost says "That's different from what I'm accustomed to. I think people work hard and pay their dues."

LindenAshby says "I do to. But I know people who work hard and pay their dues, and nothing comes their way. You're right - you make your own luck if you stick in there and chop away at it. It'll pay off. I believe that peserverence pays off. But dumb blind luck comes by now and then."

Joanee asks "What is your schedule like on Melrose Place?"

LindenAshby says "It varies. It can be incredibly long days. It can be incredibly short days. A couple of hours or a lot. It depends on how heavy your storyline is."

Lovespoon asks "If you could work with any producer and or talent, who would it be?"

LindenAshby says "Man....Man oh man..these are always the toughest questions. I'd like to work with Chow Yun Fat, who is a Chinese actor. I think he's terrific. He's coming out in a movie called "The Replacement Killers", but he's done a ton of John Woo films. Leonardo DiCaprio is a fine actor. I know that there's somebody else...some actress where I went "Wow...terrific." But I don't remember who it was. As far as producers, the one with the best money and scripts."

Dan_K asks "How long have you been doing martial arts? What belt are you?"

LindenAshby says "I've been doing it on and off since I was 21. That's when I took my first karate class. I'm now 37. 16 years. The highest belt I've gotten, because I've jumped around the country and moved schools - and I'm a big believer in finding a dojo in whatever city I'm in - I've studied a lot of different style. I go as my schedule permits. Realistically, I've never gotten my black belt. The highest I've gotten is a blue belt."

Mingo Jones asks "Did you have fun making Mortal Combat???"

LindenAshby says "I had a great time. I just had lunch today with Paul Anderson, the director. Paul was directing "Soldier" with Kurt Russell, and we went and saw the sets. It's nice to be friends with people that you work with."

ExciteUser asks "Do you enjoy working with everyone or does anyone get on your nerves there?"

LindenAshby laughs.

LindenAshby says "No, I don't And I'm not telling who."

ExciteUser asks "(sweetie girl): Do you like directing ??"

LindenAshby says "I haven't directed but I would like to direct. I'm like every other moron actor in town who aspires to be a director. I think I'd be a good director. I have a good director's eye, mind and sensibility."

Lovespoon asks "what is like working with Heather Locklear??"

LindenAshby says "It's a HUGE CHORE! I'm kidding."

LindenAshby grins.

LindenAshby says "I get along with everyone, and Heather is a treat. If anyone on that show could have an attitude and get away with it, she could. But she has the least attitude. She's a real piece of work. A mensch. My role on MP -I play Dr. Brett Cooper. Call me Coop. Coop is from the Midwest and he had a relationship with Kimberley Shaw. After she died, he blamed Michael for her death and came to avenge!"

HLHost says "I don't like Michael. I can't watch the show because of him."

LindenAshby says "Oh, man!"

ExciteUser asks "(Teddybear14):i think you are cool what things do you do for hobbies?"

LindenAshby says "I think you're cool, too. For hobbies, I surf a lot."

HLHost says "You live near the beach?"

LindenAshby says "I don't live near the beach now, but I grew up surfing. I got my first board at 9, and have surfed ever since. Almost 30 years now. I surfed competitively when I was younger. Got invited to the East Coast Championships. Now I just do it because I love it I also snow ski. I used to teach and race in Colorado. Purgatory, Co."

HLHost says "I love it there. My grandparents had a cabin there. We go there every year."

LindenAshby says "It's beautiful. I was just out there in September. I play golf poorly. I'll do just about anything. I fly. I own a plane."

HLHost says "That's exciting!"

LindenAshby says "My plane is in Van Nuys Airport. I'll do just about anything if there's a thrill or excitement involved. Mental or visceral excitement."

ExciteUser asks "(IMDO)C: what is the biggest challenge you face in your career?"

LindenAshby says "The biggest challenge is to keep your integrity and to be good. To be truthful. That's my biggest challenge. The rest of the stuff, you can't control. You can't control if you get a part or if someone likes you. I can control going to work everyday, giving 100% and coming home and saying that I'm proud or not proud of what I did. Also, to keep growing as an actor. Too many people become a one-trick pony. I dont want to be one. Paul Newman still goes to acting classes."

HLHost says "And he makes great salad dressing."

LindenAshby says "And popcorn."

HLHost says "And the proceeds all go to..."

LindenAshby says "...Charity."

HLHost says "I love that. I think people in the public eye should do that."

LindenAshby says "Yeah. That's the power of celebrity used in a positive way. He gives it all away. Those things make a lot of money."

HLHost says "Oh yeah! It's really good stuff."

ExciteUser asks "(Scanners) :Do you do any volunteer work on the side?"

LindenAshby says "I do and I don't. I don't have a cause or charity, and I ought to. Maybe that ought to be a goal. "

HLHost says "It's hard because you're working..."

LindenAshby says "But that's no excuse. I ought to make it a duty. It's like trying to get out of jury duty. What if I were on trial? Would I want just postal workers or a certain group judge me?"

ExciteUser asks "(TransAdep)t:Why were you not Johnny Cage in the 2nd Mortal Kombat movie? Did you decide not to go into the sequel?"

LindenAshby says "I was looking forward to being Johnny Cage in the 2nd movie, and I thought I was goign to be. But I read the script and thought it was so bad. Larry Kasnoff wrote this piece of crap. Johnny Cage was killed in the first scene. It was a real piece of **** script."

LindenAshby says "I told them I had a sequel deal, so I told them to honor it financially or let me out. So they got some guy who looked like me. The film was a disaster."

ExciteUser asks "(cliffordz):what movies have you done?"

LindenAshby says "Robin is a friend and I like Therese. But that movie was a stinker. My biggest movie was "Wyatt Earp," where I played Costner's younger brother. I did some karate movies. I've done a bit of everything. I've done Showtime movies, HBO movies... I'm one of those guys who have persevered, and I've had a great time doing it."

Dan_K asks "What was your favorite movie you were in?"

LindenAshby says "My favorite movie? I did a movie called "The Beneficiary." It was a Showtime movie that was their highest rated movie of the year. I hate the first 5 minutes of the movie. If you see it, you'll go, "Oh man.." It's a commercial within a movie, and it doesn't fit with the rest of the movie. But the rest of the movie is great. It has a fantastic ending. It's great."

HLHost says "Can I rent it?"

LindenAshby says "You can rent it"

linden4ever asks "Linden ,,,,whats the best part about being an actor???"

LindenAshby says "We get to do so many different things that we would never get to do if we weren't actors. I've learned more about martial arts being an actor than doing it on my own. I started flying planes because I had to play a pilot. I was also terrified of flying, so my wife got me flying lessons. So when I got to play a pilot, it worked out. I did a movie "Time of Her Time" based on a Norman Mailer novela. It's true to the book. It takes place in 1959, and I play a guy who grew up in Texas and went to Mexico to become a matador. He moves to Greenwich Village. So I had to work with a cape and learn to be a bullfighter. I got into a ring with a cow. They have horns and are mean. What are the odds that I could ever do that in life? Talk about an adrenaline rush. It was a 180 kg. cow. So the cow is coming at you, and they clipped the end of the horns so they weren't points but it was still sharp. That's the biggest shock. Just seeing how angry they are."

HLHost says "How do they make them mean?"

LindenAshby says "Nothing. That's how the bull gets its character. From the cow. So they get these cows in the ring to see how a person would be with the cape and such. If it's good, they breed it. If it doesn't do well, they just let it be a cow. So the cow is where the bull gets its character. And they're meaner than the bulls."

HLHost says "Really??"

LindenAshby says "So I've trained a lot with cape. I know my passes and know the ins and outs. I worked with a matador for a couple of months, and I know what it's supposed to be like. But knowing and experiencing is a different thing. And one thing I wasn't prepared for was how noisy they were. And they really move. So I'm on camera with this thing. It was a blast! So I'm in Tecate (in Mexico) in a bull ranch. We're miles from anywhere. And all I'm thinking is, "Guys if anything happens, here are 4 words to remember: GET ME TO AMERICA." I don't want to be in a Tijuana hospital."

LindenAshby says "So we do this and the director goes, "Now you got to let her hit you." I knew it had to happen but I went, "Oh ****...well, I've done this and done that. I don't want to let her hit me at full speed." So I let her come by and get the cape in her face. So she just comes after the cape. So I sort of let her get on me. Next thing you know, she's jamming her horns in my stomach. The guys come and get her off, but I'm under her feet."

HLHost says "How scary is that?"

LindenAshby says "It was great!"

HLHost laughs

LindenAshby says "At that moment, you feel more alive..."

HLHost says "I bet. Would you consider that bull run? There's a huge difference between a 350-400 lb bull and a 1000 lb. bull."

LindenAshby says "It's very intense thing, bull fighting. Their heritage, and I don't know if we can pass judgment - but when it's done well. it's beautiful. But when it's done poorly, it's ****. The bull always dies at the end, unless it's an extraordinary bull. The guy has a sword, and he has to put it straight between the bull's shoulder blade and kill it."

HLHost says "Do they kill the cow?"

LindenAshby says "No.. they dont kill the cow. It's like any part. You get into it and you understand it. Bullfighting is an art form, and the matadors are like rock stars."

HLHost says "They're in their beautiful outfits and they're like foxy men."

LindenAshby says "It's machismo. You know under those stretchy pants, you can't wear underwear. You dress to the left. It's like a traditional thing."

HLHost says "What if you dress to the right?"

LindenAshby says "I asked the old man dresser that question, and he said, "No...everyone dresses to the left." The outfits are made that way."

LindenAshby says "I mean, these guys are pushing their package. And when you get hit, it's generally in the thigh or in the lower groin. That's where the bull gets you."

HLHost says "Ugh..I'm a woman and cringing."

ExciteUser asks "(roctoberust): I was woundering how difficult it was for you to get into acting. Was it an easy task,did you always know you were going to do this?"

LindenAshby says "No, it's not easy. It's easy to say you're an actor. But it's not a piece of cake. Whether or not you can make a living at it is another thing."

Mingo Jones asks "Hi Linden - Isn't it true that your wife was on an episode ofSeinfeld?? Wasn't she the infamous Mulva??? By the way, Alan Citron says hi!!!'1

LindenAshby says "My wife is the infamous Mulva."

HLHost says "So she was Mulva?"

LindenAshby says "She wasn't. She is! She did a couple episodes as the infamous Mulva."

HLHost says "That was a great episode. Love that one."

ExciteUser asks "(****ikazi): Do you have any movies lined up for the near future...?"

LindenAshby says "No, "The Time of Her Time" hasn't been released yet. "The Lake" will be a NBC movie on February 1st."

ExciteUser asks "(Brennah):what was the first soap opera you were on? were you ever on the Young and the Restless?"

LindenAshby says "I was never on Y&R. The first soap I was on - it's off the air now -1 can't remember what the name was."

HLHost says "Loving?"

LindenAshby says "No...I did a 2 day thing on that. I was actually an extra on a soap a long time ago. That was actually my first job. But Loving was the one I was on for a length of time."

2cwhatsup asks "I know you mentioned your wife, but do you have any kids?"

LindenAshby says "2 kids. Grace and Savannah. 2 girls. Grace is 6.5 Savannah is 5."

HLHost says "Do they love their daddy as an actor?"

LindenAshby says "They like to go to premieres or Disney on Ice. Other than that, they just think I'm dad. Which is a great thing. It's funny. When I did Mortal Kombat, your kids look up to you because you're dad. But when you're a superhero, it's HOLY ****! These kids gave my kids a hard time at the playground. They said, "Your mom and dad are going to die. They're going to get old and die." So Grace gets freaked out. And the kid goes, "Uh huh.-.they'll die." Savannah comes up like a pitbull and goes, "HEY! My dad is JOHNNY KAGE and he's not going to die! He kills Goro! He doesn't die!""

ExciteUser asks "(animal_girl):Who inspired you to start acting?"

LindenAshby says "I would think it would be watching movies and loving them. So to say who's my favorite, I don't know. But I can tell you what movies I loved, and those actors inspired me. Seeing something great and wanting to do that and aspiring to it."

ExciteUser asks "(HONEYGRRL): Have you yourself been starstruck by any celebs? If so, who?"

LindenAshby says "Humm...sure. I remember my first day of rehearsal on Wyatt Earp. i walked into the room and said, "I'm the only one here I've never heard of.""

HLHost says "What does that feel like?"

LindenAshby says "It's a curious medicine - it's intimidating, and I wish it hadn't been. It messes with you and makes you afraid. You have to fight against it. Or the flip side is you say, "I'll fight against them.""

ExciteUser asks "(HONEYGRRL):When did you have your first onscreen kiss?"

LindenAshby says "Oh wow..."

LindenAshby says "I don't even know. I think it was the first movie I did, which was a bad horror movie from the 80's called "Night Angel." HELL NO.. That's crazy. It was probably on the soap opera. So Loving was my first onscreen kiss. It was with the girl who played Ava."

WilliamMiller asks "What was it like working with Yasmine Bleeth?"

LindenAshby says "I've known Yasmine for a long time because we shot in the same studio. She went out with Grant Show, a friend of mine. So there was a comfort there in knowing somebody. A familiarity. So it was a-okay."

LindenAshby says "Wouldn't you love it if I said, "it was a nightmare! If I never see her again, it's too soon. I hope that ****er dies."

ExciteUser asks "(c_o_w):have u ever done any stunts by yourself?"

LindenAshby says "Yes. I've done bullfighting, martial arts, motorcycle thing, diving, crashing, horses. Riding horses. Yep. Cars. Name it, and I'll do it"

HLHost says "Good attitude. Try anything."

ExciteUser asks "(gorgonzola):what kind of music do you listen too?"

LindenAshby says "I'm pretty juvenile. I like it loud and I like it noisy. I'm not a huge jazz fan - I know it's fashionable to say it is. I like Miles Davis - different stuff like that I like classical - Mozart, Beethovan. "Dem guys are okay." I like loud kind of trashy music."

HLHost says "Like what? Like Quiet Riot?"

LindenAshby says "I like the Beastie Boys. I like the Foo Fighters latest album."

HLHost says "You listen to hip music!"

LindenAshby says "I'm a KROQ guy. I also like the Rolling Stones, Dylan, Springsteen."

HLHost says "The great guys. You like the new Dylan album."

LindenAshby says "I haven't heard it. I heard good things about it. I like his son's album."

HLHost says "And he's so cute!"

ExciteUser asks "(c_o_w): Do u get a lot of media following u around?"

LindenAshby says "Media, no. If you go to an industry event, you go through the flashbulb line. It's very flattering. You get asked autographs. My favorite is the person off the street who looks at you and goes, "I know you. Are you a lawyer? Or are you a teacher?" Because they figure that they must know you somehow from what they do."

HLHost says "It's funny living in LA because eveywhere you go you see people. You go, "Do I know this person?""

LindenAshby says "That's my biggest fear. I've done that before."


LindenAshby says "The most outrageous thing..that's kind of personal. I've done some pretty outrageous things, and there was usually a lot of liquor involved. And then you wake up and go, "I can't believe I did that." I don't get it when people say they blacked out and don't remember. BULL****! I always remember. When you try to think of something, it's hard to think... I dont want to go into it, but there was nakedness and police involved. We'll leave it at that."

ExciteUser asks "(gorgonzola):do you sometimes forget your acting and take your melrose character outside the studio?"

LindenAshby says "No. I try not to. Sometimes you do bring home characters, and they seem to be the worst characters you bring home. It's hard not to. You do this guy all day long, being somebody else, and no... I don't with him for some reason."

ExciteUser asks "(Scanners):What is in the future for Dr. Cooper?"

LindenAshby says "Dr. Cooper - Megan is in the future. More difficulties with Lexie. When there's difficulties for Lexie, there's difficulties for Megan. Which brings in Michael and Peter."

WilliamMiller asks "What is "The Lake" about?"

LindenAshby says "Without giving away too much of the story, there's a lake in this small town. It's where 2 worlds meet. 2 worlds touch at this place. It's science fiction. It's scary. It's fun. There are cool effects. I'm a stickler for that. So many actors are, "Oh..I only do theaters..." For me, my criteria for doing a project is, "Would I like to see this? Plunk down $6 and sit down and see it?" You can be entertained in a number of ways, and "The Lake" is entertaining. It's horror, action, suspense and it's where 2 worlds touch. And that's about what I can say."

LindenAshby says "Yasmine's character and I have a romantic history."

filmgoddess asks "for aspiring actors and actresses, do you think the best advice for them would be to go to school for it or just start auditioning in LA???"

LindenAshby says "I think that training never hurts. I went to the neighborhood playhouse for 2 years, and I think that class you can learn technique. You cant teach someone untalented to be talented, but you can teach a talented person who to better utilize their talent. It's a craft and art. Some people are better painters, but if you study you can improve on your craft. Same with acting. You should study and audition. Once you get a job and become successful, you should still study. You're never too old to stop learning."

HLHost says "Well, Linden, thank you for joining us tonight It was so much fun having you on our show. Thanks to all you folks out there for joining us. A special thanks goes out to all of you on Excite. Remember to check Linden out in his role as Dr. Brett Cooper on the popular series, "Melrose Place." And keep your calendars clear on February 1st for the world premiere of "The Lake" on NBC. Please join us again next week when we will have a new guest every night at 7:00 pm including Robert Forster, Andy Dick"

HLHost says "Have a great weekend!"