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Date: 02/25/1998
Publication: TVGuide
Type: Chat

TVGEN: Welcome to the TVGEN/Yahoo! Chat Auditorium. Our guest tonight is Melrose Place's Linden Ashby.

Please join us Thursday, March5, when Wortham Krimmer, Andrew on One Life to Live, joins us at 8p.m./ET, 5p.m./PT.

AshbyThis is Linden Ashby from Melrose Place. Let's get the questions rolling.
Jaymeguest_2d8d1805Do any of the girls on Melrose Place ever play practical jokes on the guys?
AshbyYeah, they pretend to like us.
Gwennabee311Hi, Linden. I saw you in New Orleans. Did you have fun?
AshbyI had a great time in New Orleans. I wish I was there now. So you eat and drink. And by the second week, you're a fat drunk. Then you find the casino. And so by week three you're a fat, drunk loser. And, well, life doesn't get much better than that.
Snowlet24The NBC movie you did with Yasmine Bleeth-- is there going to be a sequel to it? I really think there should be a sequel or a better explanation.
AshbyI think we are talking to NBC about a sequel. Or possibly a series. It's ah up in the air right now, though.
WolfmanjpWhy didn?t the makers of Mortal Kombat put you back on in the sequel as Johnny Cage?
AshbyBecause they have s--- for brains.
Margo_galDo you like acting?
AshbyYes, love acting, hate show business.
Snowlet24:Did you ask your wife to come on the show?
AshbyNo, I didn't. But I was very happy when she got the part.
Niki_27Is this the last season of Melrose Place?
AshbyNo, I think that Melrose will be back next year.
Goldie124Aren't you married to someone who is famous in her own right?
AshbyIncredibly famous.
Goldie124Do you have an e-mail address that your fans could write you?
AshbyYes. But I don't know it. I?ll have it in a minute.
WolfmanjpDo you have any movies lined up where you can use your martial-at-is talent?
AshbyNo, but I'm looking for something right now. I feel deprived and depressed if I don?t get to hit or punch someone almost daily.
Candy_Kiss_2I love Melrose Place!! You have a really sweet smile and are such a cutie pie!
AshbyThank you. My mother told me never interrupt when someone is complimenting you.
Trillian___Do you ever go online?
AshbyYes. But not really chat rooms per se.
AprettydowngirlLinden, how long have you been acting?
AshbyAbout 12 years. The word I'm getting here is that no one has set up an e-mail address for the show, which I can't believe. But you can send me fan mail, which I would really appreciate -- lots of fan mail! ? at Linden Ashby, c/o Melrose Place, 27420 Avenue Scott, Santa Clarita, CA 91355. And the more fan mail the better, 'cause we don't know what's happening next year. The job you save could be my own!
HangmansjokeHow long did you study martial arts for Mortal Kombat?
AshbyI've been studying martial arts on and off since I was 21, with a lot of off time. Mostly karate, with some tae kwan do. With some Chinese styles thrown into the mix.
Trillian__Who are your funniest costars on Melrose?
AshbyThomas Calabro.
Hangmans_jokeDo you think you will ever do another martial-arts movie? You were good in Mortal Kombat.
AshbyYes, I will. I really enjoy doing action movies. It's something that I feel I'm good at.
Trillian___What's the last book you read?
AshbyA book called Familiar Heat. And T strongly recommend it.
Ghfg98Do you like being a movie star?
Trillian___What is your favorite beverage and why?
AshbyWell, beer. And I can think of a trillian reasons why.
VikigirlIs the character Coop going to remarry Lexi for the money?
AshbyProbably not, but you never know.
Pravda_l7Why aren't you watching the Grammy Awards?
AshbyWell, I'm on the West Coast, so it hasn't started yet. But I think I know who's going to do well anyway. My bets are with Sarah MacLachlan, Fiona Apple, Smashing Pumpkins, just to name a few.
MelanieJChisolmWhen you were in New Orleans, did you spot Anne Rice?
AshbyNo, I didn't. But I wish I had.
Niki_27Were you disappointed when they killed off your wife's character?
AshbyYes, I was. I love working with her.
VikigirlIs the rumor true that you are leaving Melrose after this season?
AshbyMaybe. But maybe not. Write fan mail!
FirecubeDo you ever write back to your fans when the write you?
AshbyYes, I do.
Goldie124Do you have children?
AshbyYes, I do. Two girls.
Goldie124Whose character do you hate the most on Melrose?
AshbyMe, or my characters? Linden or Coop hates?
Hangmans_jokeYou look like you are in great shape. How long and how many days do you work out a week?
AshbyNot as much as I should. But more than I want to. I work out two days a week, I run a couple of days a week. I work out on a heavy bag or take a martial-arts class. Try to do that a couple of times a week. And surf as much as possible.
John9000Did you ever wish to shun all your martial-arts discipline and concentration and just go kick someone's ass?
AshbyYes. About five times a day.
HangmansjokeI heard Brandon Lee was going to play Cage in Mortal Kombat but he died. Do you know if that is true?
AshbyI don't think it is, but it could well be, and if it meant the difference of him being alive or dead, I gladly would have given up the part.
VikigirlDo you like working on Melrose Place?
AshbyYes, I do. It's a great job as far as a TV series go. I laugh a lot. I get to kiss beautiful women. And hang out with some pretty great people. And the paycheck ain't bad either.
JwkwDo you golf with Jack Wagner?
AshbyNo. I don't golf with Jack Wagner. I believe Jack feels that golfing with him is a supreme honor and privilege. I guess I just don?t rate.
Goldie124I've seen the Melrose Place web site and it sucks. Do you think you can pull some strings and fix it up?
AshbyI can certainly bring it to someone's attention, and hopefully it can get better.
DieselJetHow come everyone is trying to kill everyone else on your show? You know, it gets pretty lame after a while!
AshbyTell me about it! Well, we all live in a tiny apartment building. And we're all fairly successful. Why we don't live in houses, I don't understand. So I imagine we just get on each other's nerves. So a death or two is inevitable. Helps clear the air, and everyone feels better afterwards. Kind of like a trip to the chiropractor.
VikigirlIs Coop going to get a life soon?
AshbyI wish he would. In the past they didn't write for me as well as they've started to. So, yes, Coop is getting a life. However, Linden, on the other hand, could use some help.
Mustang1998_98What do you enjoy doing when you are not on Melrose?
AshbyI drive my Camaro. No, just kidding! When I'm not on Melrose I do the things that everybody does. You know, the day in, day out of living. And I try to have as much fun as possible.
Goldie124Do you get along with everybody on the set?
AshbyYes. Mostly. Sort of. Almost everyone.
Mustang1998_98Are you planning on staying on Melrose?
AshbyI hope so, yes. But if I don't, it's the nature of the beast. And I have a lot of other things that I look forward to doing.
VikigirlDo you have any new movies coming up that we your fans should know about?
AshbyI did a movie called The Time of Her Time that hasn't been released yet. Pretty sexy, pretty cool, all around good film. Very smart. Based on a Norman Mailer novel. Actually a novella by the same name.
Goldie124Do you have any pets?
AshbyYes. A dog. Named Boo. He's a Rhodesian ridgeback, and he's a great dog.
Trillian _What kind of music do you like?
AshbyI listen to a lot of alternative, I guess. And I like rock 'n' roll. But sometimes I get completely fried on the radio stations and wind up tuning into the country station just for a break. So I?ll pretty much listen to anything that's good.
Margo_galAre you afraid they will kill your character?
AshbyNo. I'm not afraid.
BoNd506How did you decide you wanted to become a actor?
AshbyI don't think you decide to become an actor, at least I don?t think you should. T think it should be something that you need to do. That you won't be happy doing anything else. Because the reality of the business is too tough to do unless you have a passion for it and unless you can't be happy doing anything else. So I didn't choose it, it chose me.
VikigirlIs the Melrose set really like one big happy family, as reported?
AshbyYeah, for the most part it actually is. It's a cast with pretty much no egos or agendas, no bulls---, just a lot of people who really like their work. And we don't suffer fools very well.

I think that starts from the top down, meaning from Aaron Spelling's office all the way down to the security guards on the set. It's a great place to work. And I feel really lucky to be here.

Fox_racingHow did you get the role in Melrose Place,.. seeing that your last major role was in the smash hit film Mortal Kombat!
AshbyWell, since Mortal Kombat I did about four or five independent films, and films for Showtime, and I did a series last year for ABC called SW Game, which was unfortunately kind of short-lived. So, when the offer came to do Melrose it was the right thing at the right time.
TobbeEDo you have any favorite movie role or something that you'd really love to do?
AshbyYes. I want to do an adaptation of a short story by Dean Koontz called "Chase." It's a great story and I think it would be a great movie.

There's another book called The Dogs of Winter that I would like to make into a film, but these are all long, drawn-out processes. And you wind up banging your head against the wall quite a bit. But in the end, if it all works out, there is nothing better.

mary guest20b94401Do most people recognize you on the street?
AshbyYes, they do. It's funny because when I did Mortal Kombat I was recognized by a lot of young men or boys who were totally into martial arts and it was a whole different crowd than what I get from being recognized from Melrose. The Melrose crowd is more 20-something girls, which in my book, beats 9-year-old boys any day of the week!
Mustang1998_98Do you enjoy surfing?
AshbyLove it. I've been surfing since I was 9 years old. I grew up on the beach in northeast Florida and have pretty much surfed my whole life. The waves here with El Ninio have been great this winter. Really big.
TobbeEWhat kind of music do you like? Anything you can't stand?
AshbyMusic I can?t stand is crappy music. I can't stand generic music. Vanilla music. I can't stand music that panders anymore than I can stand books or films that pander. Or for that matter television that panders, which God knows there is no shortage of. Girls, on the other hand, who pander -- no problem.
Shaggy_for_prezHow long after you receive a letter will you respond, and is the signature yours or a secretary's?
AshbyIt's mine: I don't have a secretary, and I will respond as soon as possible. And for Shaggy, I'll even enclose a Scooby Snack.
ChodaskinHow many days do you work on Melrose?
TobbeEWould you like to have a role in Baywatch if you could?
AshbyNo. That would mean way too much working out. I'm too old and tired for that s---.
Sexyguest_3b94906Linden, I'd just have to ask, how old are you?
_Bad_AssDid you play any sports in high school?
AshbyI did, I played soccer, and I surfed. Actually competitively back then. I was invited to the East Coast championships three times.
TobbeEWho's your favorite guitarist?
AshbyMy favorite guitarist -- that's a tough one. Drummers are easier. Kenny Arnot. There's so many great guitarists that it's tough to say.
John9000Have any Melrose gossip for us? I really need to know what's happening next week!
AshbyNext week on Melrose Place... what will happen next week on Melrose Place... I think I'll work to get rid of Lexi. Maybe pawn her off on Peter.
John9000Do you actually watch Melrose Place on Mondays?
AshbyYeah, I think I'm like everybody else. I watch a lot more than I admit .
Sexyguest3b94906How is it working with Alyssa?
AshbyAlyssa is a treat. If I wasn't married, I'd be knocking on her door.
SKG_21Where did you go to acting school?
AshbyI went to the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, and studied with Sanford Meisner.
Short-stuff-99What was your favorite show that you have done this year?
AshbyMy favorite episode of Melrose Place this year was episode number 18, the second one that Thomas Colabro directed.
DieselJetHow come no one ever gets caught??
AshbyIn life or on the show? That's the beauty of Hollywood! Trust me, pal, I've been caught!
ChodaskinDo you like TV or movies better?
AshbyI like good projects. I don't really care so much about the medium. However, I think there is a freedom in film that you can't get in television.
TobbeEWho's your favorite actor?
AshbyMy favorite actor? I don't know. I like all the ones that everyone else likes. And I like them for a million different reasons.
Starlet4616What was it like to have your wife on the show?
AshbyIt was not as good as having Vikigirl on the show.
Goldie124Did you watch Melrose before you were on it?
AshbyOnce again, like everyone else, I watched a lot more than I admitted to.
Sweetj25Do you think you can bring the show back to life???
AshbyWell, I didn't know it was dead, and I think good writing is the key to successful television. And I think the shows are actually getting better and better.
John9000Dude, you rule so much on Melrose. I love your character. Hopefully he isn't planning to leave or kill anyone?
AshbyDude, you rule! Wherever you are. And I'm not planning on going anywhere.
VikigirlDo you like watching the shows that you star in?
AshbyNo. T don't like watching myself very much. I get really critical and really uncomfortable. It's actually a nasty kind of self-inflicted torture.
Bella26_Has anyone ever invited you to have cybersex?
AshbyNo. T'd like to try it.
Anastasia_LeighIf you had to chose one actress you would like to work with, who would it be?
AshbyI don't know. I like Lena Olin a lot.
Starlet4616Is Aaron Spelling as nice as everyone says?
AshbyAaron Spelling is as nice as everyone says. He is a true gentleman in a town sorely lacking in gentlemen. I would do anything for him. He is loyal to his actors and, I think, in turn it engenders loyalty to him.
TobbeEHave you ever tried snowboarding?
AshbyYes, I have tried snowboarding. I'm actually a very good skier. I taught skiing in Colorado when I was in college, and I've surfed all my life, so T thought it would be second nature. Man, was I wrong. I've never fallen so many times in one day in my life. But I want to try it again. It's the backside turns that killed me. Any hints?
Starlet4616Who is the best kisser on Melrose?
AshbyMe. And Kelly Rutherford ain't bad either, but that Susan Waiters girl is extraordinary, personally speaking.
Starlet4616Who is your dentist? You have great teeth.
AshbyMy dentist is Dr. Nick Luizzi.

That's all we have time for, the guys tell me. I wish that I could have answered more questions in a more in-depth manner.

It's been a lot of fun, and I appreciate everyone's time and patience. And next time, let's ask the wild questions, the things you really want to know.

Not that I?ll answer them, but it'll spice life up! And please, once more, write fan mail to Linden Ashby, c/o Melrose Place, 27420 Avenue Scott, Santa Clarita, CA 91355. And I swear I will write back!

TVGENThanks for joining us this evening, Linden. Please come back and join us again.