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Date: 03/26/1998
Publication: Entertainment Asylum/America Online
Type: Chat

EAMC Host:Linden Ashby, Dr. Cooper on Melrose Place, is now here. Linden, welcome to AOL Live and the Entertainment Asylum.
EALindenA:Thanks guys - it's really great to be here!
EAMC Host:Ready to get started with our first question from the audience?
EALindenA:Yes - I'm ready let's get started!
Question:Hows it like working with that great cast?
EALindenA:It's great! They are very lucky to be working with! And when my wife was on MP - I was very lucky to be working with her! We've been married for 12 years. We met a long time ago on a Soap Opera called "Loving." By the way, for those of you who don't know - my wife is Susan Walters. We played cousins on "Loving" and we went out for 3 months and I asked her to marry me and she said yes and we've been married ever since!
Question:Hi Linden, I'm Helene, and I am distraught that "Spygame" went off air... I understand there are 10 episodes that were never aired...are they available on video? Is there any way we can ever see them ? Is there anyone at the Network I can write to?
EALindenA:I don't know. There were about 10 episodes they burned off during the summer and I was very sad to see us get cancelled - I think it was all the network politics. When Jamie Tarses came in and took over the network - unfortunately, we were cancelled! They replaced us with something that did worse numbers than what we were doing.
Its no secret in TV that if you put something on and leave it on it will find an audience and will become a hit! Look at the shows that are hits now. Seinfeld didn't even get a full season for the first three years - even with Cheers - but they stuck with it and it became a huge success.
Question:Is Linden going to have any new romances anytime soon that lead to marriage?
EALindenA:What in real life? :) Well, as "Coop" - its going to. I'm already living with Megan - and I think I'm going to marry her! I think....
Question:Are you planning to stay for a while? (On Melrose)
EALindenA:No - unless something drastic happens -- I'm signed for one year. I've been on a year, I've got about 3 more episodes to shoot - its sorta the nature of the beast in soap operas - characters come and go -- this character is totally left open and I'd love to stay - so fans - get your pens and paper and let them know you want me to stay!
Question:Why did you want to be on Melrose and why are you leaving so soon? You are my favorite actor on the Show. What will you be up to after Melrose Place?
EALindenA:I wanted to be on Melrose because its MELROSE! I've done a lot of different movies but nothing affords the visibility that Melrose does. Its the stories, the bizarre things - like being on MTV. When I first started - they didn't know me, they didn't know who they were writing for and it didn't really quite mesh and now its working. They are writing for me and its sad to be leaving when I'm just now in the groove - well maybe leaving.
Question:Was it easier coming on to the show with another newcomer like Jamie, as opposed to jumping onboard alone and being the only "new guy"? -Zane Evans
EALindenA:Yes there is comfort in numbers. Yeah! It was easy but I was tossed in the mix with Thomas C (Michael) and Jack W (Peter Burns) so it was easy.
Question:How's it like making out with Megan on MP??
EALindenA:Its good! Very good!
Question:How have things changed for you since joining Melrose Place?
EALindenA:People recognize me more now! That and sort of if I want to do movies of the week that becomes more available.
Question:Is it extremely hard for you and your spouse to work together on the same show?
EALindenA:No its easy - we can carpool :) And working with Susan makes the lunch hour better!
Question:Mr. Ashby, I'm a fan, and I hope to one day become an actor as well. What advice could you give me? Thanks.
EALindenA:First of all, don't become an actor unless you have to become an actor unless you would not be happy doing something else - show business is a bitch! But if you are going to do it, persevere - study, work begets work. If you stick with it long enough, you will get work. I equate show business to a big circle and the more you work and the longer you are in it you spin toward the center - it is truly a small business. Now I can walk onto a set and know at least one person on the set.
Question:If you could have had a story line with any of the characters, which one [would you pick,] and why?
EALindenA:I'm actually quite happy working with the one I've got!
Question:Is Michael Mancini as big a jerk in real life as he is on the show?
EALindenA:Bigger - much bigger! :-) No, he's not. He's my friend. He is not a jerk.... sometimes. He's an incredible practical joker but at the same time he is totally not a Hollywood creature - hard core family man, wife, kids, lives a life pretty much divorced from Hollywood! He's probably one of the most talented people on the show!
Question:What type of interview or test did you go through to get the part?
EALindenA:They offered it to me! It was the best kind of job - it was offer only!
Question:First of all, like many you will chat with, Melrose is the only show I do not go without watching. I have been really getting attached to your character recently. Do you forsee remarrying Lexy?
EALindenA:Yeah, Lexy is going to come into the mix - it gets very complicated - its Melrose!
Question:People say you look like James Dean. Do you know any other Deans?
EALindenA:Well, I've got some cousins named Dean but they're not dead yet - the night is young;).
Question:Do you enjoy playing "the bad guy"?
EALindenA:No - I'm a good guy! But I've played bad guys and a lot of actors would say its more interesting to play the bad guy but I disagree - the good guy gets the girl, walks off into the sunset.... its harder to play the good guy - its easy to play a bad guy.
Question:What is Heather Locklear really like?
EALindenA:Oh man she's terrible! No, she's like 180degrees from the character she plays.
Question:How can you stand working with someone as sexy as Heather Locklear?
EALindenA:You know.... its just part of my life! But I have a good looking wife myself! It gets to the point sometimes where you know .... its Heather! She's a babe - there's no two ways about it!
Question:Hi, my friend adores you, she idolizes you, almost. Anyways I'm asking for her if you are gonna be in any new upcoming attractions?
EALindenA:Thanks to your friend for being so nice. I've got a movie that's being sold right now. Its an Indie art film - "The Time of Her Time" and its based on a novella.
Question:Is it true that Lisa Rinner, Alyssa Milano and Andrew Shue are all leaving MP? And what direction do you see MP going next season?
EALindenA:Yes that's true. Alyssa is doing movies now - Lisa is leaving to have a baby and Andrew is leaving and Dan, who plays the baseball player, is leaving. Left will be Michael, Peter, Amanda, Kyle, Lexie and Megan. I think that Spelling wants the show to go another year so I'm not sure what all is going to happen.
EAMC Host:Linden, thank you for joining us tonight.
EALindenA:Thanks for having me - this was great and keep watching MP!
EAMC Host:We will be excited to see what happens on the season finale! Good night everyone!

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03/26 "Melrose Place" Linden Ashby 8:00pm ET (Bowl)

Entertainment Asylum says "the doctor is in" on America Online! Linden Ashby who plays Dr. Brett "Coop" Cooper on the hit series "Melrose Place" will chat LIVE on Thursday, March 26 at 8pm ET (5pm PT) in the Bowl Auditorium.


Known to television and film audiences as a leading man with heartthrob appeal and a sincere demeanor, Linden Ashby joined the cast of Aaron Spellings popular series "Melrose Place" this season and was introduced at the premiere.

As one of the newest additions to FOX-TV's "MP," which began its sixth season this fall, Linden co-stars opposite Jamie Luner (Lexy Sterling) portraying her ex-husband, Dr. Brett "Coop" cooper, who is somehow mysteriously connected to the late Kimberly Shaw. Dr. Cooper has recently relocated to "Melrose Place" from Cleveland and is ready to create some havoc for the residents of the show.

"I am excited about becoming a series regular on the show," states Ashby, "the cast is terrific to work with and Aaron (Spelling) is great!"

In addition, Linden recently starred in NBC's world premiere movie "The Lake" with Jasmine Bleeth, Marion Ross and Robert Prosky. He played a doctor who reacquaints himself with his high school sweetheart in a locale which was once the personification of sweet, rural America, but has evolved into an ominous, dark place where something inexplicable and terrifying is happening.

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