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Date: 2005
Publication: Soap Opera Update
Type: Captioned Picture
Title: Wanted... Dead Or Alive
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

Wanted... Dead Or Alive

Poor, poor Sharon. She never knew when to leave bad enough alone. After her breakup with Nick, she hightailed it out of Genoa City and allowed herself to be seduced by a stranger who then beat her to within an inch of her life. When at last she returned, did she learn from her mistakes and tell her hubsband what had transpired? Of course not. Nor did she pipe up when the aforementioned stranger was revealed to be Newman Enterprises business associate Cameron. Nor did she say a word when she murdered her assailant. Not even when his ghost haunted her did she utter a peep. "I really don't think our viewers, as bright as they are, will guess what is in store for them at the end of this," said executive producer/headwriter Jack Smith. He could've said that again! By the time the dust had settled, Cameron had been resurrected, thrown from a plane and arrested, and Nick had gained a spouse who was both honest... and keenly interested in stripping on a regular bases.

*Craziness Quotient: The shock made us blind! Well, for a minute.