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Date: 06/29/2004
Publication: Soaps in Depth
Type: Article
Title: Nick Vows To Bring Down The Devil!
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

Nick Vows To Bring Down The Devil!

Will Sharon get burned when her hotheaded husband takes on her villainous ex-lover?

Sharon may have finally unburdened herself to Nick regarding her near-fatal encounter with Cameron, but her torment still isn't over. Inf fact, as Nick vows to get revenge this week, it may just be the beginning!

"Yes, Nick is upset with Sharon because she didn't trust him enough to come and tell him about all this," shares co-head-writer/co-executive producer Jack Smith. "But he's even more vicously upset at what Cameron did to her."

Adding to Nick's rage is the realization that he has also been a pawn in the software magnate's game of cat and mouse. "Cameron's agenda all along has been about having a little more of this woman," the scribe notes.

Keep Victor Out Of It!

While his initial instinct is to kill Cameorn, Nick reings in his hot temper. "He tells Sharon, 'Okay, I'm going to get this guy. I want you to stay out of this; I don't want Nikki's help; I don't want Victor's help. I want to handle this," previews Smith. "And he is seeing red when it comes to Cameron!"

Yet it's just this attitude that has Sharon wringing her hands. Says her portrayer, Sharon Case, "She doesn't want him to [go after Cameron] alone. She's afraid of what Cameron might do to him.

"Cameron can put a hit out on anyone at any time," she adds. "But she doesn't feel she's in the position to tell Nick what to do."

Sharon's situation has gone from bad to worse since Cameron was resurrected to breathe down her neck.

Sharon's Worst Nightmare!

Having already cozied up to the slimeball by accepting his job offer, Nick bides his time piecing together Cameron's ultimate agenda. "Nick begins to realize that this guy has actually set up an incredibly vile plan," Smith teases.

Meanwhile, Cameron spends his time taunting Sharon, unaware that her hubby is on to him. "He's enjoying watching Sharon squirm," says Linden Ashby (Cameron). "It's funny to him, He's interested in the hunt, the kill."

If Grace doesn't heed Nick's warning, the next obituary she reads could be her own!

A Real Murder?

Even when the tycoon begins to suspect that Nick may not be as clueless as he once believed, Ashby doesn't think his alter ego is too concerned. "Maybe Nick will kill him. Maybe he'll do a better job than his wife did. But I wouldn't bet on it."

For his part, Nick's portrayer, Joshua Morrow, imagines that Ashby is right. "Nick's never shown a history of making smart decisions, so think he will ultimately make a dangerous one," he predicts. "He's so focused on getting revenge, it's difficult for him to think clearly."

Cameron's Next Move

"The big question at this point is: What is Cameron up to?", notes Smith. "What was this body that Sharon dug out from under the snow and went to great lengths to hide? What happened to him? Those questions will haunt them.

"They don't know who the body is, but Nick starts to realize what Cameron is up to and why," he continues, "and suddenly, Nick is one step ahead of Cameron at all times."

Jail Time For Sharon?

Although Nick is clever enough to unravel the scheme, he is powerless to stop it because Sharon, not Cameron, was the last person to have contact with the body. "What would it look like?" Smith muses. "They'd have a hard time selling the police on what they think Cameron is up to."

Ashby concurs. "Even if you present[ed] me with the body and said, 'I know you beat Sharon and killed a guy,' I'd say, 'Prove it,' he taunts in character.

The inability to really nail his foe has Nick grinding his teeth. "This is very frustrating for Nick," Smith concedes. "He sees the endgame here, and the endgame is disaster for Sharon!"

Hoping to gain the upper hand, Nick and Sharon reluctantly seek help from an old enemy. "They attempt to get Grace to help them nail this guy," Smith reveals. "But the question is: Will Grace be a double agent or won't she?"

By accepting a job, Nick got a paycheck while seeking payback!

Grace In The Crosshairs!"

Ashby admits he's concerned about Cameron's coconspirator. "The one I really worry about is Grace," he says. "I think that when Grace finds out how bad Cameron is... then what happens?"

"the ultimate denouement of this story is something the audence will not be prepared for," says Smith. "I really don't think our viewers - as bright as they are - will guess what is in store for them at the end of this."