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Date: 06/11/2004
Publication: TVGuide
Type: Article
Title: Speaking of Goners
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob


On The Young and the Restless, is Cameron about to meet his maker ? for real? The obsessed mastermind faked his own death to make life a living hell for former lover Sharon Newman. Now he's back in town and stirring up a ton of murderous intentions. "He's just pretty much hell-bent on taking a stick and beating a hornet's nest," exclaims his portrayer, Linden Ashby. "Nobody in that town likes him." Sharon's hubby Nick, Nikki, Victor, Michael, Grace and Larry all have a bone to pick with the abusive exec, so is Cameron outta there? "What do you think?" teases Ashby cryptically. For full disclosure on the actor's status, check Soaps Q&A on June 15.... Also in Y&R news: Phillip Chancellor III isn't the only ghost returning to Genoa City. Quinn Redeker will resurrect Rex Sterling, Katherine's former husband, in a dream sequence scheduled to air July 5. Rex was tragically murdered in 1994. He'll accompany Thom Bierdz, who returns as Phillip, on the same day.