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Date: 01/29/2002
Publication: Soaps in Depth
Type: Article
Title: Real-Life Love Stories
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

Real-Life Love Stories

CBS stars share their true tales of romance

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Susan Walters (Diane)

Love At First Sight

After meeting as co-stars on the set of LOVING (where they played cousins Lorna and Curtis), THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Susan Walters (Diane) and Linden Ashby dated for two months, then married five months later.

"I just knew [it was right]," Walters says. "We're generally on the same page about things. And we're both pretty passionate about life."

It doesn't hurt that there is real chemical attraction, too, after 16 years of togetherness. "He does it for me," she grins - both off-screen and on-, "I love working with him. We've done several projects together

"I [guested] on SPY GAMES, a show he was the lead on," she continues. "And we both were on MELROSE PLACE."