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Date: 01/13/2004
Publication: Soaps in Depth
Type: Article
Title: Exit for Cameron!
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

Exit for Cameron!

Ashby toasts Y&R run.

Since hitting Genoa City, he has been a dark, disturbing shadow on Sharon's life. But as Cameron exits the canvas in a shocking New Year's Eve twist, portrayer Linden Ashby is telling the truth about his sadistic Y&R stint!

The In Depth Story: "I was concerned about learning [a large amount of] lines [on a daily basis] again," says Ashby, who got his start as LOVING's Curtis. "But it was no big deal. Acting is acting. It was a much easier transition than I thought it would be."

Ashby enjoyed exploring the psyche of such a perverse guy. "He was very dar, very contrary to everything that I am and believe in. But at the same time, it was fun because he's the type of guy who doesn't take anything from anyone!"

The actor's only regret: not getting to work with his wife, Susan Walters (Diane), who was moonlighting at the time on an action film titled Combustion. "I was never here when Linden was here," the actress laments with a laugh. "No carpooling, no running lines at the studio...No making out in the dressing room!"

Despite havign a great time on Y&R, Ashby says he had no reservations about taking on such a limited role. "I knew up front what it was. It's almost easier to play because you know it's limited," the actor explains. Of course, for fans who will miss seeing the edgy hunk, they may get another chance - on the big screen or primetime. Says Ashby: "I've got a movie in development, plus we're now in pilot season."