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Date: 12/30/2003
Publication: Soap Opera Weekly
Type: Article
Title: Y&R's Sharon Case Defends the Affair
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

Y&R's Sharon Case Defends the Affair

Sharon lost control - Case closed.

Many fans of The Young and the Restless want to sew a scarlet A on Sharon's cashmere sweaters because of her one-night stand with Cameron. But wait - hear her portrayer out, first.

"Sharon only intended it to be one night," justifies Sharon Case. "It was just something that happened. Sharon was feeling very down at the time. She left Genoa City because she was so down. Honestly, she was planning on killing herself. There was nothing about it that was 'for fun.' It happened out of Sharon's need to feel comforted and have a human touch."

Sharon also had too much to drink, adds the actress. "She got so know; there's a point where you consume too much alcohol whe're you're alcoohol-poisoned and it starts acting like another drug. That was the stae that Sharon was in that night."

So maybe that A should stand for astray.