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Date: 06/03/2005
Publication: People Magazine (South Africa)
Type: Article
Title: Sneak Preview
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

Sneak Preview

In Detroit, Gloria is shocked when Kevin arrives, admitting he escaped from jail. Victor is furious when Nick reveals he has accepted Cameron's job offer and urges him to reconsider. Mr. Lewis isn't happy when Bobby accuses him of hurting Brittany and vows to make him pay. Lily is surprised to discover Devon lives in a group home, and lied to her about his background. Kevin is stunned when Michael arrives in Detroit. At Gloria's apartment, the police arrive with a warrant for Kevin's arrest. After ditching Raul, Brittany rushes to Marsino's, only to find herself and Bobby in danger with the mob.When Dru considers quitting Jabot, Neil supports her decision and suggests she work for Newman Enterprises. Jill seeks Nikki's advice on how to handle Kay's drinking problem. When the Detroit police arrive to arrest Kevin, he grabs and a gun and a stand-off ensues. At Marsino's, Bobby and Brittany anrrowly escape being killed when the cops arrive and arrest Mr. Lewis and Sal. Phyllis confides in Dru about her situation with Daniel. Ashley tells Brad that Abby should begin visitations with Victor. Bobby and Brittany profess their love for each other and kiss passionately. Victor shares a special encounter with Abby. Ashley is shocked when Abby returns home and says she saw her other daddy, Victor. Kevin surrenders to the police after finding out all charges have been dropped against him.