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Date: 01/04/2005
Publication: Soap Opera Digest
Type: Article
Title: Getting To Know Them
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

Getting To Know Them

YOUNG AND RESTLESS's Susan Walters (Diane) and Linden Ashby (ex-Cameron)

How well do you know your spouse? We put Susan Walters and Linden Ashby to the test by asking Ashby what he thought his wife would say ... and no one was more surprised by the answers than they were!

Peanut Butter: Smooth or Chunky?

Linden Ashby: Smooth. I know that.
Susan Walters: I actually like chunky better, but I don't buy it because I'll just eat it up by the spoonful.
Ashby: Is that true? I just assumed she liked smooth because that's what she buys all the time.
Walters: Isn't that funny? Because Linden likes smooth, that's what I've been buying for 20 damn years. But if I'm at the craft services table [on-set] and I want a spoonful of peanut butter, I always go for the chunky.

Pizza: Thin or Thick Crust?

Ashby: She's a thin-crust gal.
Walters: Thick [laughs].
Ashby: Next.

Sex or Romance?

Ashby: Sex.
Walters: Okay [laughs].

Hamburger Or Hot Dog?

Ashby: A foot-long [laughs]. She would eat a hot dog.
Walters: Linden, when was the last time I ate a hot dog?
Ashby: When was the last time you ate either? The last thing you ate, Susan, was hot dogs.
Walters: The last red meat I had was three hot dogs at a senior hight-school party. I would have a Boca Burger, which is more like a hamburger.
Ashby: The question wasn't "Boca Burger or hot dog?" I knew the last meat she'd eaten was a hot dog. Therefore, I win.
Walters: I might have had a turkey burger.
Ashby: Next question.

Clam Chowder: New England Or Manhattan?

Ashby: The red one, Manhattan.
Walters: Right.

Plan Or Go With The Flow?

Ashby: I go with the flow and she likes to plan.
Walters: Thank god, I plan or you'd never be able to go with the flow.
Ashby: That's right. I only think I'm going with the flow, but I'm really on a strictly regimented program.
Walters: That's right.

Holiday Movies: It's A Wonderful Life Or Miracle On 34th Street?

Ashby: It's A Wonderful Life.
Walters: I'd have to say that because I never saw the other one. But, I would have said The Ref with Dennis Leary. It's more autobiographical [laughs].

To Watch: Sitcom or Drama?

Ashby: Sitcom.
Walters: My immediate response was drama, but when he's forcing me to watch SOUTH PARK, I do chuckle. Is that considered a sitcom? I just consider it inappropriate.
Ashby: What next?

Snap, Crackle Or Pop?

Ashby: Susan's definitely snappy.
Walters: That's what I just wrote down!
Ashby: What would I be, Susan?
Walters: Crackle
Ashby: Good answer.

Wax Or Shave?

(They both laugh.)
Walters: Pass.
Ashby: I could tell you a good story about that.
Walters: Yeah, don't.

Chicken: Breast, Wing or Leg?

Ashby: She's a breast girl.
Walters: I am.

Truth Or Date?

Ashby: I'd pick...
Walters: Not you, Linden. You're answering for me.
Ashby: I am!
Walters: He's too busy thinking of what date he thinks I would do.
(Ashby laughs.)
Walters: Linden? What would I do? Truth or dare.
Ashby (despondent): Truth.
Walters: Yes [laughs].
Ashby: What would I like her to do? Dare.
Walters: He's so disappointed.

Making Dinner Or Making Reservations?

Ashby: I would rather she made reservations.
(Walters laughs.)
Ashby: We had a meatloaf episode the other night. It came out looking like an enlarged hockey puck and the pan has been soaking in the sink for two days and it's still not clean.
Walters: There is the hassle of going out and having to pay for it but yes, reservations.

Newman or Redford?

Walters: Linden, you need to calculate this answer.
Ashby (pauses): Past? Redford. Present? Newman.
Walters: Excellent!
Ashby: The way we were? Redford. The way we are new? Newman.
Walters: He's never this witty at home [laughs]. That was an excellent answer, Linden.

Jerry Seinfeld Or Jerry Springer?

Both: Oh, Seinfeld!