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Date: 12/06/2004
Publication: Soap Opera Previews
Type: Article
Title: Role Play
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

Role Play

Cameron Hit on Diane... sort of

Not only did Susan Walters (Diane) have the opportunity to share a dressing room with her real-life spouse, Linden Ashby, during his stint as Y&R's Cameron, but she was able to play opposite him for one memorable scene. "People in our neighborhood saw it and were like, 'Okay, this is weird,'" Walters says with a laugh of the episode in which Cameron flirted wiht Diane... while fantasizing about Sharon! "They thought it was funny that in the scene, Linden was talking to me and picturing a beautiful blonde instead." In fact, the actress says the whole thing has become something of a running joke among her friends. "They're like, 'He was paid to listen to his wife babble on about something when he was picturing another woman,'" she says of their of their reaction. "Most men don't get paid for that!"