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Date: 07/2004
Publication: Soap Opera Previews
Type: Article
Title: You Write The Stories
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

You Write The Stories

If I Wrote Y&R...Cameron Would Reuinte the Newmans!

Cameron's attempt to put the squeeze on Sharon backfires!
After having his head christened with a bottle of champagne by Sharon, Cameron is understandably eager to toast the downfall of his ex-lover and her family. But, as he sets about ruining the clan, both at work (by recruiting Damon and Dru to manage a new cosmetics firm) and at play (by seducing out-of-the-loop out-of-towner Victoria into marriage), a funny thing happens: The Newmans actually band together for the first time since Sharon kissed her father-in-law! Victoer allows Nick to reenter the boardroom to offset the damage that could be done by Cameron's new makup line; Nikki reassures Sharon that even if Cameron were to blab about their past, his credibility is shot; and Vicki comes home, telling her parents that she's met a wonderful new man (whose name she conveniently neglects to disclose.) However, things spiral out of control on the night that Vicki introduces her clan to her new husband. The shocks don't end there, either. He stuns his clueless bride by offering up photographic (and pornographic) proof of his relationship with Sharon; has his would be killer arrested for assault; and informs Victoria that he'll only divorce her in exchange for her shares of the Newman Enterprises! "So," the villian declares as Grace takes a seat in his lap, "we may not be a family for long, but, my friends, we're going to be in each other's lives forever!"

Maria Peterson
Essex, MA

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