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Date: 03/06/2007
Publication: Soaps in Depth
Type: Appearance
Title: Up Close and Personal: Bad is GOOD
Courtesy of: Web Warrior Bob

Up Close and Personal: Bad is GOOD

Case doesn't want to shut the door on the possibility that Cameron could return.

Of all the bad guys who have cruised through Genoa City, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS' Sharon Case (Sharon) would love it if sexual sadist Cameron Kirsten, played by actor Linden Ashby, would return. "Oh, I've always wanted to bring Linden back - I never wanted to see him go!" admits the actress. "When that storyline cmae to an end, that was it, he was gone. But for some reason, I didn't know or contemplate that he'd be gone. I kind of thought that he'd get away with [his crimes]. Maybe my storyline was over with him, but I thought perhaps he could interact with the other characters." Of course, if Case had her druthers, she wouldn't mind if her alter ego had another go-'round with the hunky villian. "It's exciting to think that he could always make a big appearance one day. I'm just waiting for him to jump out of the corner some day at Sharon," she laughs, noting, "I've really lucked out with all my co-stars, but he was really phenomenal."